Be full of oneself

“When you feel an urgency to be somewhere else,you are pushing hard against where you are”

Leave Everything behind and Give yourself a second chance,

Learn by your all mistakes

Everyday new dawn breaks,

Authenticity the only way to feel pleased with oneself,

Be with the flow, flow downstream,it wouldn't consume your energy but will add to your power and soundness,

Solely we are responsible for oneself,

Being assured, confident is key to know ones own self...


My father didn’t tell me how to live ; he lived, and let me watch him do it.

Clarence Budington kelland


Special and unique out of the World,

Preserver,defender and leader for a bright future,

A ray of light for bringing new hope and doing his best,

Possessing a Great mind and moulds our future,

He is THE FATHER to whom i am grateful.


Never loss HOPE, my heart , miracles dwell in the invisible -Rumi

In a mood of detachment she brood over how her life sank down for a moment,

But range of experience seemed limitless,

Brooding give her a sense of victory over life and becoming an Image of truth, of strength and courage,

She is aware of both what is receding and what is Approaching.

Looking Now at the hope,it is"Boundless and Immense".


“I have so much of you in my heart”

–John Keats
I  am deserted,occupying a solitary  place and recollecting.

I wail upon the things which I can't accomplish

Life is filled with emptiness
Melancholy expressed due to the wailing of past
Crying excessively while going through all this

Mere thought soothes me,as I ponder about you all the sorrow ends.
Love is an end in itself...

Say No To Child Labour And Yes To EDUCATION.

To be poor means to be pinched
Poverty being a hard old hag and a monster.

Blooming buds employed under dangerous and fatal working conditions.
Innocent faces,silent voices wrench our hearts

Save childrens from murderous clutches of human injustice and educational deprivation,
Overcome the clamour of greedy organisations

Say No to Child labour and YES TO EDUCATION.

Appetitive Soul

“My soul is from elsewhere,I’m sure of that,and I intend to end there.”

Reminiscences leave enormous footmarks in carved motifs,
That shines brighter than fire.

Within my heart untold stories embedded,
Unheard desires scattered

I covet for the rain,
And the thunder
To break the endless pain of desires
Of my appetitive soul.


“The house of delusions is cheap to build but drafty to live in”

Bewitch by life's enchanting blaze

I danced around the life which was a dazzling spectacle.

The gaiety,the livity,the jocularity

They are spectacular.

I forgot about spiritual yearnings

And now Turning my back on the world
I have turned to You
Bless me with your holy vision.

Self Love

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“Self-love,my liege,is not so vile a sin,as self-neglecting.”

-William Shakespeare
Let them propel a thousand curses at me

Pain finds no asset in my heart.

I belong to Him.

Can a sprinkle of ashes ruin a mirror?

It gleams.